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Touched By the Magic

Touched by the Magic - Maxine Mansfield ARC Review: My Rating 4.5
It's been a while since I've reviewed an ARC and when I was given a list I picked this book and I am SO happy I did. I loved this book- it has everything I love in a book- a HOT guy, humor, oh the humor (I seriously giggled and laughed out loud over a few things), sweet loving and smoking HOT sex, mystical characters (gnomes & dragons) and a real romance.
Briar is a young woman who sort of fibbed her way into The Academy of Magical Arts and (if this school was real I would enroll) there she is caught spying on a Healer having sex with another teacher. Uthiel catches her spying and comes to her rescue when they are caught by another teacher. They both are enrolled in the same class even though he is an upperclassman and they become partners in that class, Healing of the Soul. Both have secrets and both feel a connection from their first meeting so they confide in each other. Briar falls hard for Uthiel but she is very accident-prone and he is usually the one that feels the effects of her accidents- lol she singes off his eyebrows with her protective field when he tries to travel south- ahaha.
Loved this story and I really hope the author continues this story with the other characters in this book.