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Beautiful Mistake: 2 (Royal Pride)

Beautiful Mistake: 2 (Royal Pride) - Nancy Corrigan Taking on the punishment for his twin sister after she killed her mate, Devin has blackouts and doesn't trust his own instincts anymore. Being a royal shifter, having three different cats sharing his body, Devin is emotionally unstable but still a fierce shifter when it comes to protecting his friends and family. While on a mission to rescue a small female lion cub he meets Lena. Lena is running for her life with her 5 year old sister, who is the lion cub that Devin is sent to rescue. To escape the new shifters, Lena sends her sisters away so they can meet up later.
While chasing Lena on foot, Devin is overcome with a blackout that makes his shifter cats go berserk. Accidentally ripping her open he does the only thing he can to save her after realizing that his cats want her, that she could possible be their one mate. Being tortured and knowing his mind and the minds of his cats are not completely right, Devin thinks the Gods would never bless him with a mate. Royal shifters are the only shifters who can mate with humans and Devin is surprised that Lena could possibly be his one mate. Lena only wants to protect her adopted sister and trusting the sexy shifter is not something she is prepared to do. Being attracted to a shifter is nothing new for Lena, having gone through two broken hearts with other male shifters, she is not looking for a relationship that she knows will only end with her being hurt.
Danger by the way of wild hyenas are all that are standing between Lena and her sisters. Love, tragedy and heartache all fill this book.
I enjoyed this book just as much as I did book one, I'm again looking forward to the next one.