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My thoughts: Oh were do I start on this novella? I know, it was GREAT, loved it my only problem was I wanted more, lots more of Travis lol. I actually felt like I was reading parts of my own life from this book. And yes I wish it was the part with the hot young stranger who wanted sex. Ok I will get back to the book, Bree is coming off a horrible divorce from a jerk of a husband who completely stomped on her self worth and said hateful things to her before he walked out the door. After a year of dealing with the heartache and divorce she needs a weekend alone to deal with healing her heart and starting her life over without the baggage of her old life. She decides to spend some time alone in a cabin in the woods, while there her neighbor comes to warn her of the danger of a leopard in the woods. The snarkiness from Bree when she first meets Travis is great but his reaction to her is even better. While he is in the woods spying on watching her, she starts a huge bonfire to burn what is left of her past so he decides to come see what she is doing. Now here is where I need to stop talking because I will tell you the entire book. I will mention that the ex-husband makes an appearance and Travis is so much more than the "kid" she thinks he is. Oh goodness one more thing- cats like cream!!! And cougars like kittens that can make us cream

My favorite lines from the book: Catnip, she's like catnip. He wanted to roll in her. (Loved it)

Ok friends one final note- Nicole is a new author to us but let me tell you, if she makes this is series or even continues writing novellas like this story she will quickly move up on my favorites list.