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Crimson Groves

Crimson Groves - Ashley Robertson Book provided by author: Review done for blog Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies. Oh My! by Sandy

This is a YA book and I must say it was pretty good. Abby the main character is well written and comes across as a very real character. It starts out with Abby being warned by her father, who she hasn't seen for years, that someone is after her. But Abby doesn't listen to him. Bronx comes into the bar where she works and she is instantly all about being near him. After Bronx walks Abby home, she sees that he is a vampire and he turns her against her wishes. Bronx has a persuasion gift that allows him to force anyone to do what he wants. He keeps Abby locked up for a month and tells her about vampire history. But Abby is filled with such hate for him, all she wants is to get away. Bronx takes her to a club and tries to force her to kiss him and love him. But one of the enforcers stops him and makes him cool off. Abby realizes that she has to get away before he comes back and hurts her. Tyler, a human, shows her visions that he has and he helps her get away. Then the story takes off from there. I can't give away everything lol, but the plot was great with unexpected twists showing how Abby is so special. Will Abby be able to keep away from Bronx? Why does Tyler have this special ability and what other secrets does he have?

Although I have not read the book myself, my friend Sandy enjoyed this book a lot. Thank you for the opportunity to do the review