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The Charmed Souls: Book Two of the Charmed Trilogy

The Charmed Souls - Christine Wenrick My Rating 4.5
We pick up in this book right where the first one ended, with Olivia leaving Caleb to go live and train with The Brethren. Olivia wants to be sure that the feelings Caleb has for her are true and not a spell from her being Charmed. Caleb knew even before she left him that he truly loved her and wanted nothing more in life than to be with her. For three long months, Olivia is away with Alec, her Guardian, training and becoming strong to protect herself from all the evil vampires. With the bond that Caleb and Olivia share, they are still able to feel each other over time and distance but Olivia is not sure if it is one sided on her part. Olivia soon learns that the evil that is after her is not stickily vampires, but something much closer to home.
True love cannot be kept apart, Caleb and Olivia prove that to everyone around them but when others from the past start to creep back in, is anyone safe?
I look forward to reading the third and final book in this trilogy, hopefully we will learn more about the new relationships and partnerships that were starting to form in this book.