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Immortal Protector

Immortal Protector - Claire Ashgrove Iain and Catherine meet by chance when he helps her after she was in a car wreck. Iain knew from the moment he met her that he wanted to be with her no matter the cost. What Catherine doesn't tell Iain is that she can not get involved in a relationship with him because she has already committed herself to the church. In Catherine's eyes she should stand by her commitment to the church but in her heart she knows that Iain is the man she has always wanted in her life. With evil breathing down her neck, Catherine turns to the only man she feels safe with and falls into his open and waiting arms. Iain knows that Catherine is not his seraph, the only woman that can save his soul from damnation, because his was brutally murdered but that does not keep him from wanting Catherine. He's given two choices but does he choose Catherine or his Templar brothers?
What would you give up for love? Would you give up everything in your life just to be with the one person that loves you? Read this great novella to see if Catherine and Iain give up each other in the name of religion & responsibility or if they can work everything out to be together no matter what.