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Fated Souls (Crimson Romance)

Fated Souls - Becky Flade I devoured this book, could not get enough of Aidan or Maggie. I adored Aidan from the beginning, lol the fact that since he does not date the local women from his small town (they all think he is gay) just cracked me up. Gay is not what he is, a big, sexy grey werewolf is what Aidan is and to keep from letting people know his secret he keeps to himself. LOL, well he tried to keep to himself until Maggie, a report with a rag magazine that rolls into town looking for a story on the huge wolf that has been spotted a few times. I really liked how in your face Maggie is, she thinks something, she speaks it. She certainly put Aidan in his place and time or two. Oh and a plus to the author, Maggie is not a stick thin little thing running around, she has curves and she wears kick ass concert t-shirts. The music mentioned throughout the book just adds to this wonderful love story, I love that Aidan likes his country music.
Once Aidan realizes that Maggie is there to stay and understands his wolf too, he falls for her completely but can not express it due to the danger he thinks he is putting her in by being a werewolf. Aidan was not born a werewolf but was cursed by a Native American witch like woman. Maggie knows she loves him and tells him, she knows in her heart it will work between the three of them (her, Aidan & his wolf). With hunters, past lovers and wild animals showing up, Aidan has a lot to protect Maggie from, but Maggie also turns it around and protects him and his heart.
My Rating: 5