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Hunter's Moon (The Moon Series) (Entangled Edge)

Hunter's Moon - Lisa Kessler 4.5 stars
She hit me with a taser gun, she shot me and she kidnapped me but I still love her, that has to be what is going through Aren's mind throughout this book- lol. That sentence does not even come close to describing everything in this book, ever hear the phrase, "tip of the iceberg"? That's what that sentence is, this book is so full of wanting, needing, not thinking you are good enough and LOVE. Deep love that only your animal can feel even when your human side is not wanting to face the truth that is right in front of you. Sasha has done everything wrong in the wolf clan's eyes but Aren knows there is good in her yet what is he willing to do to find it? The answer, anything! Go against his Alpha, and protect the woman that has done so much destruction to his clan. But most of all love the one woman that will give him everything he needs to make his life complete.
I enjoyed book one in this series but I have to say, I loved Aren, he was a take charge kind of wolf and doesn't really give a rat's ass about what the other wolves think. Sasha is one of those tough on the outside but soft on the inside kind of female leads. She cares about herself but cares way more about her younger sister. When an evil man from her past threatens her life and the life of her sister, Sasha will fight with everything she has to terminate the threat from her past.