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Someone Else's Skye - Men of Brahm Hill - Book One (Volume 1)

Someone Else's Skye - Christine Wenrick Fantastic. I loved Kane from the beginning when we met him in the Charmed Trilogy but in this book he was 10 x better. Smart ass comments and a sexy swagger make him a great lead character. Longer review to follow on the blog
I fell in love with Kane in the Charmed Trilogy, he was such a player but you could see the underlining need to be loved. He is the love 'em & leave 'em type but never puts his heart out there. Kane is a shifter, a jaguar shifter, who works with the Brethren who are a large group of people that are trying to protect the world from evil. During the battle at the end of the Charmed Trilogy, Kane is on the battleground and sees a beautiful woman appear. He knows she is not really there and is shocked to find the real life version of her when he is sent on a mission to find a creature killing anything that is in it's path. Skye knows she is different, she and all of her sisters are special and with her father's help she is sent on jobs to protect the world. When old lies and half truths come out Skye and Kane learn they are more than two people who are starting to fall in love.