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Bleeding Hearts: Book One of the Demimonde

Bleeding Hearts - Ash Krafton My Rating: 4
When Sophie meets a tall, dark, handsome man she never knew her entire life would turn upside down. Marek and Sophie fall in love quickly and she thinks they are going to have a HEA but all too soon she learns that Marek is a demivampire. To save his people he agrees to a meeting with the enemy only to have the worst thing possible happen to him. With Sophie's help he does not step completely over the edge but he still leaves to protect her. With the help of Marek's brother, Sophie is watched and protected from all the evil that's out to destroy her. Sophie is an oracle who has the powers to help all the demivampires and she uses her advice column to help them. When someone starts breaking into Sophie's apartment and following her, she moves a few times but when Marek's family needs her, even after several months, she is there to help them.