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A Pirate's Curse (Legends of the Soaring Phoenix)

A Pirate's Curse (Legends of the Soaring Phoenix, #1) - M.L. Guida Captain Kane and his crew save a man and boy from a wreckage at sea after their ship was attacked by pirates. After taking the boy to his cabin to question him he soon learns that the boy is a young woman, a woman that makes the man in him stand up and take attention. Hannah, the woman that was rescued has powers that her family like to keep hidden. Hannah has telekinetic powers that she uses to control the vampires that attack Kane's ship looking for her. When Kane comes clean and tells her that all of his crew including himself were cursed and change into vampires on the full moon each month. Thinking he is not what Hannah needs in his life, he tries to push her off on his human brother but becomes jealous when they become close. So to get her away from both of them he sends her to her uncle's plantation, where she was sailing before her ship was attacked. Hannah's father agreed to marry her to a neighbor but it is not what she wants. When the fiance turns out to be an evil bastard, Kane comes to her rescue. Will it be happily ever after or the worst thing for both of them?
I loved the whole ideal of pirates (I don't normally read pirate books)- I really hope this is a series because I am looking forward to reading more.