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The Professional: Part 1

The Professional: Part 1 - Kresley Cole My Rating: 5
I don't know where to begin but by saying WOW, loved every single thing about this book, from the bantering back and forth between the two main characters to Sevastyan's take-charge-sexy-as-hell demeanor. I've read all of the IAD series and loved them because of the world building and writing style of the author and she knocked my socks off with this one too. Passed around to a few foster homes, Natalie, finally finds a permanent home with her adopted family but she always felt like something was missing so she hired a PI to track down her birth parents, never imagining that her father was a very wealthy but also a very dangerous man from Russia. When he hears that she is looking for him he sends Sevastyan to protect her and to bring her to him. He protects her alright but he also kidnaps her just to get her to her father. His tactics might be highhanded but she overlooks most of them just to get closer to the sexy man. Wanting her just as much as she wants him, Sevastyan heads down a road that he isn't supposed to because of his relationship with her father. The want, the need and the pleasure of being together is too much for them to deny but will all that be enough to keep her safe and him alive?