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Hard As You Can: A Hard Ink Novel

Hard as You Can - Laura Kaye Review by Shonna on http://vampireswerewolvesfairiesohmy.blogspot.com/
Shonna's review: Forced into working off her late father’s debt, Crystal (Sara) Dean has learned how to deal with the harsh reality of her world and what she must do to live and survive. Determined to hang on to the promise she made and protect her sister from harm, Crystal stands strong and waits for the day they can slip out of Church’s grip and run to freedom. But until that day, she must retain her well worn poker face to keep her teetered on the fence, knowing one wrong move would throw them both into the world of human trafficking.
Cherishing his missing little sister’s necklace, Shane forever feels the burden of failing to protect her. Overpowered with a need to help any woman in trouble now, he tries to figure out a way to do that while gathering information to help with his teammate's mission from the waitress obviously under Church’s thumb. The brief encounters linger in his mind and fill his heart with needing more than a want to help. He now has a need to have her in his life and his heart.
This amazing installment snaps right into the next heartbeat of the series. While digging for answers they seek, these alluring characters take you on an adventure that glue you to the book. One thing I always admire about Laura Kaye’s work is the emotions she can bring out of me through her characters. And the main hero in this story, Shane McCallan, is no exception. Very realistic and solid, he has a genuine depth that you will no doubt love.
A favorite quote from HARD AS YOU CAN:

Letting go of that hope was like driving a dagger into his heart. It left him grasping his chest and gulping down air. Loosening the grip on his gun, Shane went down on his knees, his head hanging on his shoulders. Long minutes passed, during which he forced himself to stay in that place, to feel what it felt like.
To feel what failure felt like. Again.
Then, looking to the sky, Shane made a vow. If he couldn’t save the victims, he would find a way to avenge them. One way or another, Church was going down. And somehow, some way, Shane would be the one to make it happen.

Although I didn’t quite comprehend how Crystal was able to flip her emotions so easily and turn to trust after all that she had been though, I did admire her courage, strength, and willingness to do what she had to do for her sister and herself. Trust can be a hard pill to swallow, but something in Crystal’s heart didn’t let her give-up on a chance to find it, or the love she developed for Shane.
With the series plot continuing on, I am on pins and needles waiting to find out who will step forward and take the lead in the next story. With all the yummy characters in it, any would make an awesome story. Yet I have to admit, I do have my fingers crossed for Jenna and Easy. *Just saying*
A top notch series.
My rating:5