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Leopold's Wicked Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans) (Volume 5)

Leopold's Wicked Embrace: 5 (Immortals of New Orleans) - Kym Grosso At first I was not sure if I liked this series or not because of my own goofy mistake of reading book two first but when I read book one I fell in love with this author's writing and world building with her vampires and wolves.
Leopold is a dangerous vampire to be enemies with, he has been a vampire for hundreds of years and has the bad ass reputation to back up his actions. When the other vampires and wolves needed his help he was there, no questions asked. Agreeing to help he never would have guessed that he would be saving a new born infant. Hiding the infant from an unknown evil that is trying to kill her he gets all his friends involved in caring for the little girl who is part wolf and part who knows what.
Laryssa, a human with special abilities meets Leopold in a bar one night and is automatically drawn to him. The pull is mutual for Leopold who thinks he is too evil and damaged for anyone to ever love again. When he tracks her down he realizes she is way more than a human woman but he can't get her to tell him exactly what she is.
The journey these two embark on together is nothing short of a remarkable love story. The regrets in both their pasts keep them from trusting too easily, but once they both open their hearts to love it is an awesome full body awakening for them both. The bond that is built is truly a once in a lifetime love for each of them.