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Forbidden Magic- Forbidden is the love you feel for someone who is not your soul mirror but your soul knows is the person for you. From the beginning of the Wing Slayer Hunter series I have felt that if given the smallest nudge that Ram’s impressive control and strength would waver and that is what happens when Ginny sets out to seduce him. It didn’t take long for Ram to figure out that Ginny was not a mortal woman but it took less of time for him to realize he wanted her more than anything ever in his life. For Ram at his breaking point, age difference, be damned, Eli, her brother & a Wing Slayer Hunter be damned, him having a soul mirror out there be damned, all Ram wants is to love Ginny and have her love him back. He feels the bloodlust coming full force with the awakening of his thunderbird. Knowing he has a soul mirror witch running from him just pisses him off; with the only light at the end of tunnel is his love for Ginny. He will do anything and everything to protect what he considers his, and Ginny is his, no matter what her father says or does. Hot, Sexy, Emotional, Heartbreaking, & Fantastic are just a few words I would use to describe this novella & this series.