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The Charmed (The Charmed Trilogy, #1)

The Charmed (The Charmed Trilogy, #1) - Christine Wenrick To have everything you know in your life taken from you or changed in a 6 month time period would be hard for anyone to cope with but to throw a vampire & his coven into the mix is a whole new reality for Olivia. At 26 years old she is in school doing what she loves, playing and composing music. Surviving a train crash was the easiest thing she did on that fateful night, losing someone close to her and then discovering the existence of vampires were the hardest. Ten years before, Olivia met a man who saved her life then lost his own. Now all these years later she sees the same beautiful grey eyes staring at her again. Caleb is now a vampire and he knew the instant he saw Olivia she was the girl from years ago, the same girl that had a magical pull on him. Caleb saves Olivia but they both know she cannot stay with him and his coven. She must go home to the real world and continue her life. Olivia was saved the night of the train wreck but she was hurt, so once her wounds were healed he took her home and again change came to Olivia that she was not expecting. Her past, or should I say her parents past came back to find her, only to throw her into a life she doesn’t want at the time.
I enjoyed this story, the love between the two grew quickly but you can read the magic behind it. The author does not hit you with changes to the characters easily, one minute you are thinking, oh I know where this is going to end up and wham it is taken on a completely different path that makes the whole storyline better. I enjoyed the whole story and am looking forward to book two.