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Review from : http://vampireswerewolvesfairiesohmy.blogspot.com/2013/01/cherishing-destiny.html
LT'S REVIEW: We find ourselves meeting Destiny at the bottom of a cave; she has been thrown down it and is badly hurt. While waiting to heal she relives the memories of her Vampire mother.
Alex and Aurora are madly in love for hundreds of years, they live in a world were humans know they exist and love to be around them and have built a trust between them all. But one strange day after making love they see a light storm in the sky, it’s not lighting and they later name it a solar storm. The solar storm pretty much destroys the world as we know it. Most people are dead or dying and now vampires are no longer immortal. They are not as strong or as fast as they once were, plus they can now walk in the sun. Their home is destroyed and they need a safe place to live. Guns no longer work or electricity and now there are hunters are taking over the roads and killing all vamps and weres, but up until that day humans were not aware of any other supernatural creatures but vamps. Everyone in Alex and Aurora’s home were killed except for one shy human maid who they took with them to keep her safe. While searching for a safe place to live, Sara’s step brother, Ryan, finds them, he has been in and out of Sara's life for years. Disappearing two years ago after Alex realized while Ryan was working for them that he was a werewolf. Sara had no idea that her brother was a werewolf. Aurora learns the impossible when she was told by Ryan that she is pregnant because before the solar storm vampires could not have children.
Ok, now to tell you what I think of this book. First of all Wow. I love when I read something I haven’t before and it doesn’t remind me of any other stories I have read. Secondly, this had to be the first book where there were some threesomes that didn’t make me want to stop reading. Alex is in Love with his wife and will only make love to her. But that doesn’t mean they can’t to other things together while feeding. There is also another cliff hanger, but you will need to read to find out more, I can't hardly wait to read the rest of the story. We'll leave poor Destiny at the bottom of that cave until then.
My Rating: 5