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Rugged Hearts (The Kinnison Legacy)

Rugged Hearts (The Kinnison Legacy) - Amanda McIntyre Rating: 4.5 Stars
Ever have a character reach out from a book and grab your heart? Well that is what Wyatt did to me. Boy does this man need a big bear hug and some sweet snuggling. Brokenhearted from past deception and loss, he struggles to get on with his life, but never admitting that he is lonely. Oh he makes a big show out of getting through day by day working on his ranch with his brothers but underneath all that hot rugged cowboy exterior is a lonely man with a child's need for love. Home alone on a cold winter night Wyatt never expects everything he needs in life knocking at his door looking for directions.
Aimee is new to town, she's the new teacher at the elementary school and still doesn't know her way around. So when she becomes lost she doesn't hesitate to knock on the door of the first house she sees with lights on. When Wyatt swings the door open they are both shocked to see what's on the other side.
Aimee is more interested in Wyatt than she lets on but when their paths keep crossing they come together in an explosive kiss that neither can get past.
Can Wyatt open his heart to Aimee? Can he let down his guard and be the man she needs him to be or will his strong will and tragic past stand in their way?

Sexy, full-blown hotness, evenly written characters with the perfect amount of emotion that makes your heart swell with love and want. To me Wyatt is the perfect example of a character that is so broken inside and fights what he knows he wants but doesn't think he deserves. Opening his heart before has gotten him nothing but heartache so when he finally gives an inch, Aimee takes it and runs with it, she can see the love this man has to give. With both of them having past loss and the pain that goes with it they come together to find new love that makes starting a new, bright future together brighter.