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Kiss Across Chains (Kiss Across Time #3) - Tracy Cooper-Posey I loved this book (not as much as book 2 but this one was awesome too). I really enjoyed how in book 1 the author introduced us to all three characters and we got to know more about Taylor. Then in book two we went back in time with all three of the characters but mainly focused on Veris. Now with book 3 we are going back in time to see the life of Brody before & how he became a vampire.
The absolute love between the three is so detailed that you feel like you could actually know these people in real life. The pure emotional ties that come from them just yank you right into the pages of these three books. To be so lucky to be Taylor, lol, poor thing having two handsome vampires waiting on her hand and foot, plus the sex...oh jeez the sex. Get out a fan and a spray bottle because you will need it when you read these three books. There is love, jealousy, wanting, needing and understanding throughout this roller coaster of a read so sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride...it's well worth the money.