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Cole's Redemption (Alpha Pack, #5)

Cole's Redemption (Alpha Pack, #5) - J.D. Tyler What I loved about this book: Zander Cole. Cole has had it rough since becoming a wolf shifter. He has had unique abilities since a young age and with the werewolf attack they only became more prominent. He is a valuable member of the team because he is able to heal his fellow soldiers. Without caring about himself Cole will use his powers to heal those in need even though every time he does, it is killing him a little more.
Selene is the long lost daughter of the Alpha Packs Commander, Nick Westfall. Years before, heartache and tragedy hit the Westfall family causing Nick to leave his daughter in the care of his brother. Lies and half-truths told to her her entire life made Selene hate her father. With hated filling her heart she searches him out but during the would-be attack Cole saves Nick's life. Accidentally forming a mate bond with Selene, Cole decides that for him it's not something he wants to dissolve. Setting out together to learn the truth about her father's past they work together to save her heart and to save his life.