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Cloaked in Fur

Cloaked in Fur - T.F. Walsh On the fence between two worlds Daciana has only a few days left to find the lupul elixir she needs to follow her heart and live the life she wants. As everything seems to crumble around her, she fights with everything she has to stop the events that unfold against her.
Daciana is a strong female character. Even stronger than she thinks herself. With each chapter she stands firm and manages to carry a burden filled with lies, secrets, and murders, while cherishing a deep love with a man, not of her world.
Connell Lonescu, an inspector on the police force, knows when someone is lying, and he knows Daciana is hiding something. With a broken heart from the past, red flags keep flying and his trust begins to waver. Backing away from the relationship his character struggles for the right answer and sometimes looks for it in a bottle. He knows he loves her, but, is it enough?
There are several very interesting sub-characters that in future books I hope to read more in depth about. With the ending pages, a new tale awaits to be told that holds your attention in anticipation for the next installment. The story was an enjoyable read and the plot gets a thumbs up. Good job T.F. Walsh. The reading world has their eyes on you now and are looking forward to more.
Reviewed by Shonna- http://vampireswerewolvesfairiesohmy.blogspot.com/2013/08/cloaked-in-fur.html