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Hard Break (Deadlines & Diamonds)

Hard Break - Morgan Kearns 4.5 Stars. What do you do when the woman you love is married to someone else, someone you actually like and respect? Well, for Ian, you do nothing and everything. Knowing he is madly in love with a married woman, who has three kids doesn't seem to bother Ian until tragedy happens. Kayla is Ian's neighbor who happens to be the married woman he is in love with. Ian is exactly what Kayla needs in her life when her world falls apart. The death of her husband turns all their lives upside down but no matter how many times Kayla tells Ian she doesn't need or want him around, he doesn't give up. With all the love and help he can give Kayla and her kids, Ian slowly helps them get past their heartache and rejoin the world around them. Before Kayla realizes it Ian is so much more than just her hot, younger neighbor who is in love with her.