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Caressed by a Crimson Moon (Rulers of Darkness, #3)

Caressed by a Crimson Moon (Rulers of Darkness, #3) - Amanda J. Greene Reviews can also be found on my blog at http://vampireswerewolvesfairiesohmy.blogspot.com/
My Rating: 4.5
The mad king is back, but is it for good and is he sane enough to be around people? Hadrian, a vampire king, locked himself away the night he killed his brother. Even though he stepped down from being the true king of his clan no one else was elected as new king. Falcon, his second in command, took over duties but was never the king of his people. When Falcon gave Hadrian Dimitri's letter things changed for all of them. For over 300 years Hadrian was alone with nothing but his thoughts and living off of animals, so he had lots to learn to catch up with the modern world. He sent Falcon to Africa to talk to the leader of the jaguar shifters about a treaty he proposed before he went into his self-exile. Part of the deal was for the shifter alpha to send one of his daughters to live with the vampire king as his ward. The shifter alpha thought he was keeping his favorite daughter safe by sending his bastard daughter to live with the mad king. Eva, the bastard daughter, is a jaguar/human mix who everyone in the shifter world considers an outcast because she cannot shift. Coming to live with the mad king is just what Eva was looking for, a chance to escape, but when she meets him for the first time (besides being terrified) she is pulled to him in a way that she does not understand. Hadrian knows he needs to stay away from Eva, he knows he is not mentally well but her scent draws him like no other. Plus his control is almost non-existent. Living together in his castle only brings them closer to each other. She is ready to run away and he is ready to die before he ever hurts her but they still fight the constant pull to be together. When love awakens for both and Hadrian starts to get better he realizes that she is his one true love, the mate that he didn't know he wanted more than anything else in his life.