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Carson's Night (The Stonebrood Saga)

Carson's Night - Tracy Cooper-Posey My Rating: 4
Growing up all Tally wanted was a "normal" life but knowing who and what her father was, she knew it would never happen. Waking to the shocking news that her father was murdered by a gargoyle and his new partner does not remember anything, throws Tally into the supernatural world. Meeting her father's partner, Carson, not only pushes her life into a tailspin but also her hormones. Working together Carson and Tally set out to find the demon that woke the gargoyles after they had been asleep for centuries. Fighting gargoyles and having wild passionate sex bring these two together and that gives each other the happiness they both so desperately needed. With help from Nick and Damian, the two vampires that raised Tally, they all set out to kill the demon and make sure the gargoyles stay in their stone forms forever.