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Blood Knot

Blood Knot - Tracy Cooper-Posey My Rating: 4.5
Having the ability to heal yourself and others of any biological damage can be a great thing until you use it on someone who is a vampire. Winter and Sebastian are thieves, working together for over two years they both have secrets that they've kept from each other. Sebastian was stabbed during a job the two were working, so of course Winter does the only thing she can, she heals him, but doing that connected them to each other forever. Now she needs his blood and he needs her healing aura. Not only have they kept these two big secrets from each other they are both in love with each other but neither are willing to admit it.
Nathanial, Sebastian's ex- lover, shows up at Winter's house looking for Sebastian, because they had agreed to meet but Sebastian never showed up. Nathanial, who goes by Nial now, is worried enough to track him down and he uses Winter to do it. Winter was warned about Nial through Sebastian but he turns out to be a better person than Sebastian led her to believe. Working together they grow closer than either thought they would, so when they do find Sebastian he is just as shocked as they are. Nial, even though he was looking for Sebastian for personal reasons he also needs him for a job. Working together, the three of them will do anything and everything to be together and to stay together.
I love this author, I really get all giddy when she emails me with book review requests. I understand that M/M is not everyone's cup of tea but if you ever wanted to dip a toe in the water to try out a M/M book, I highly recommend starting with any of her series.