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Beauty's Beast (The Stonebrood Saga #2)

Beauty's Beast (The Stonebrood Saga #2) - Tracy Cooper-Posey My Rating: 4.5
Well I had to pull out the Kleenex for this one. Riley Connors is the daughter of Carson and Tally, who were both killed when she was a new born baby. All of her life Riley wanted to know about her parents so when a very handsome man showed up on her doorstep telling her he knew her parents, she was very interested in hearing everything he had to say. So when a second handsome man shows up telling her he knew her mom also and how much she looked like her, Riley knew she would do whatever they wanted to get the information from them. The two handsome men who happen to be the vampires, Nick and Damian that raised Tally, are now taking her back to New York to help them finish off the demon and gargoyle that killed her parents. Unknowing that they are vampires, Riley is very aroused by both men and knows she can never pick between the two. Damian and Riley fall hard for each other but each worry about how it will affect Nick. When death hits their small but lovable group Nick falls into a deep depression that only Riley can pull him out of. With all the love and sex one woman can handle Riley now has the full life and family she always needed or wanted.