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Unexpected Find (Royal Pride, #1)

Unexpected Find (Royal Pride, #1) - Nancy Corrigan Jazz's friend is murdered and she is left to raise the woman's twin boys, little ones who happen to be shifters. Jazz moves home with her boys to raise them away from the big city and where she can keep a close eye on them. Years later when another friend is murdered she realizes she needs to tell her ex-boyfriend, who is the brother of the murder victim, about his adopted niece he will be raising. The little girl is also a shifter, one that is wanted back by the shifter community. Rafe, who is a royal shifter, which means his body holds three different animals, is in town looking for the shifter child. Sparks fly the second Jazz and Rafe see each other, so much so that they are lip-locked soon after meeting. Sex is something Rafe doesn't lack in his life but he wants more from Jazz. Jazz is very weary of men and doesn't let them around her boys. Once Rafe smells the other shifters on Jazz he becomes intrigued with her even more. Rafe surprises Jazz by sticking to her even after she tells him that she is not looking for a relationship. Once trouble shows up in town, Jazz and Rafe will do anything to save each other and her cubs.
I really enjoyed this first book in this new series, looking forward to more.