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Immortal Sacrifice (The Curse of the Templars #4)

My Rating: 4.5-5
Traveling to Sicily to obtain a rare relic that the Order needs, Caradoc never thought he would run into Isabelle, a lover from his past. Caradoc and Isabelle spent almost a month together three years ago loving and learning each other. Isabelle wakes one morning to an empty bed with no note or anything from Caradoc. For three long years she has nursed a broken heart but she did have one bright spot in her life, their daughter, who Caradoc knows nothing about. With help from two of his brothers, Caradoc does what he can to win over Isabelle and get her forgiveness. Explaining why he had to leave her all those years ago is not easy, but due to their daughter's gifts she believes what he tells her, even though when she tells him of their child he denies he could ever be her father. Caradoc has no idea that the mated Knights can father children, yet he is her father.
When the truth comes out about who Isabelle is working for to get the same relic as Caradoc, they both do anything in their means to save their daughter. Azazel wants to take over the world and needs the necklace that Caradoc and Isabelle have. This necklace holds the tears of Christ. Knights and their mates come to help fight against Azazel and Caradoc learns the truth about his daughter.
I love this series, I can't pinpoint one thing about it that I can say is "that,... that right there is why I love this series", it's everything combined. Complete emotions come off the pages for me, I feel the heartache and love while reading this series.