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Hunter by Night

Hunter by Night - Elisabeth Staab 4.5 full review to come.
Loved the banter between Lee and Lexi

Infinite Possibilities (Contemporary New Adult) (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen)

Infinite Possibilities - Lisa Renee Jones Edge of my seat until the very end

Wild Wolf (Shifters Unbound)

Wild Wolf -  Jennifer Ashley 4.5. Sexy and scarred Graham, the co-leader of the Las Vegas Shiftertown, has not had an easy life. The loss of his mate and cub years ago made him think he would never be able to love again. Leading his pack of wolves, who are so close to feral wolves as they can get, and adjusting to living within the city limits keeps him busy. Humans made his pack move from Elko to live with the other shifters in Las Vegas to keep a better watch on them.
One night after fighting Eric,the feline co-leader of Shiftertown, Graham meets Misty in a shifter bar. Dating a human is okay for him but being leader of the pack he is expected to mate with a shifter wolf. Graham thinks he can let go of the little human anytime if he just doesn't have sex with her.
Twenty years ago the shifters were all collared and sent to live in shifter run towns. The special collars were designed by the humans and Fae, who are now looking to control the shifters again. When an evil Fae traps Graham wanting to use him to hurt humans, Misty is there to help rescue him.
Love, danger, sex and challenges to leadership are all rolled into the awesome book that kept me up past my bedtime for two nights in a row. I love this series!

Lian/Roch (Bayou Heat #9-10)

Lian/Roch (Bayou Heat #9-10) - Alexandra Ivy,  Laura Wright 4.5 stars

Hunt the Darkness

Hunt the Darkness - Alexandra Ivy 4.5 stars

Leopold's Wicked Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans) (Volume 5)

Leopold's Wicked Embrace: 5 (Immortals of New Orleans) - Kym Grosso At first I was not sure if I liked this series or not because of my own goofy mistake of reading book two first but when I read book one I fell in love with this author's writing and world building with her vampires and wolves.
Leopold is a dangerous vampire to be enemies with, he has been a vampire for hundreds of years and has the bad ass reputation to back up his actions. When the other vampires and wolves needed his help he was there, no questions asked. Agreeing to help he never would have guessed that he would be saving a new born infant. Hiding the infant from an unknown evil that is trying to kill her he gets all his friends involved in caring for the little girl who is part wolf and part who knows what.
Laryssa, a human with special abilities meets Leopold in a bar one night and is automatically drawn to him. The pull is mutual for Leopold who thinks he is too evil and damaged for anyone to ever love again. When he tracks her down he realizes she is way more than a human woman but he can't get her to tell him exactly what she is.
The journey these two embark on together is nothing short of a remarkable love story. The regrets in both their pasts keep them from trusting too easily, but once they both open their hearts to love it is an awesome full body awakening for them both. The bond that is built is truly a once in a lifetime love for each of them.

Theirs To Cherish (Wicked Lovers, #8)

Theirs To Cherish  (Wicked Lovers, #8) - Shayla Black 3.5 maybe pushing a 4

Tame Me: A Stark International Novella (1001 Dark Nights)

Tame Me: A Stark International Novella (1001 Dark Nights) - J. Kenner 4.5-5 stars


Rage (Tales of Dramir, #1) - Yajna Ramnath 3.5- full review coming soon

East of Ecstasy (A Hearts of the Anemoi Novel) (Entangled Select)

East of Ecstasy - Laura Kaye A full review coming soon right now I'm too emotional to write it. I'm not a cryer, 3 authors that I really like have made me cry with their wonderful emotional story telling (Sherrilynn Kenyon, J.R. Ward and Laura Kaye) good job Laura, great book and great heart gripping love story, I loved it (tears and all)

Cole's Redemption (Alpha Pack, #5)

Cole's Redemption (Alpha Pack, #5) - J.D. Tyler What I loved about this book: Zander Cole. Cole has had it rough since becoming a wolf shifter. He has had unique abilities since a young age and with the werewolf attack they only became more prominent. He is a valuable member of the team because he is able to heal his fellow soldiers. Without caring about himself Cole will use his powers to heal those in need even though every time he does, it is killing him a little more.
Selene is the long lost daughter of the Alpha Packs Commander, Nick Westfall. Years before, heartache and tragedy hit the Westfall family causing Nick to leave his daughter in the care of his brother. Lies and half-truths told to her her entire life made Selene hate her father. With hated filling her heart she searches him out but during the would-be attack Cole saves Nick's life. Accidentally forming a mate bond with Selene, Cole decides that for him it's not something he wants to dissolve. Setting out together to learn the truth about her father's past they work together to save her heart and to save his life.

Vampire Most Wanted: An Argeneau Novel (Argeneau Vampire)

Vampire Most Wanted - Lynsay Sands I'm still at a loss on what to think of this story, with some of it it was like someone else wrote it. I missed the funny banter between life mates in this book. The funniest thing was the bathroom scene where she says "oh crap" and he says "please don't " and did I miss the actual sex? Seriously did they ever have full on intercourse??

A Beta's Haven (Redwood Pack)

A Beta's Haven - Carrie Ann Ryan I like this series and this book but I have one itty-bitty little problem, at 13% it says: Maddox , his twin brother, was Omega - umm I thought Maddox and North were the twin brothers?

Blood Vengeance

Blood Vengeance - Teresa Keefer 3.5-4 stars

Rule Breaker: A Novel of the Breeds

Rule Breaker: A Novel of the Breeds - Lora Leigh I love this series but I was so confused during most of this book. I could never tell who was the good guy and who was the bad guy or even who is working for who. There were parts I really enjoyed but others I just skimmed over. I'm glad the baby drama is wrapping up but liked having past couples coming back in the story. It normally doesn't take me this long to read a book but since I was never sure what was really going on I had to reread a bunch of pages just to try to figure things out, which I'm not sure I ever did. I gave it a four because there is not a way to do 3.5 stars on here